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Party On Hurricane Relief T-Shirt

St. Augustine got a pretty good sucker punch on October 7.  Hurricane Matthew  tested our community, our resolve, and our overall spirit as a City.  We’ve got news for you…we win.  We are open for business, stronger, kinder, and better than ever.  The level of work, dedication, and generosity is unimaginable and I have never been so proud to call St. Augustine home.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of people in need.  We’ve created this t shirt to help keep our spirits up and our sense of humor strong.  And to keep the party going on!!!  100% of the sales of this t-shirt are being donated right back to our community to help local families whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane.  Click the link below to do your part and keep the party going on!!  Party on, St. Augustine.  We love you!!!!

Hurricane Relief T-Shirt


Keep #StAugustinestrong

As you probably know, St. Augustine was devastated on October 7 by Hurricane Matthew…the jerk.  The good news is that St. Augustine is open for business and is stronger than ever.  However, economic disaster often follows natural disaster.  We are working tirelessly for our small business community to keep that from happening. A lot of our out of town guests are asking…How can we help?  Some great minds came together and came up with the gift card idea. By purchasing a gift card from your favorite stores, you are helping generate much needed working capital and creating cash flow.  We are asking that you shop your favorite stores and restaurants via your computer and that you spend your money where your heart is. What a great way to give and get…and start your Christmas shopping early!

Gift Card

Click on the above link to shop our gift cards.