50 Shades of….Blue.

File Sep 28, 4 07 32 PMIt is undoubtedly the most often asked question from customers and friends alike.  What is THE color of the season?  The usual answer is somewhat vague and lends more to an idea or theme than an actual, specific color.  “Oh, you know.  A lot of pastels”. Or, “anything jewel toned”.  But this season has a very defined answer.  I have purchased more shades of blue this season for accessories than I have in the last 15 years combined as an accessories buyer, and it can even be broken into three specific shades: the tried and true traditional navy, bold cobalt, and vivid royal.  This season, it can be very safely stated; you NEED blue.  In fact, I never knew just how much you needed it until my latest buying trip.  I became obsessed.File Sep 28, 4 11 57 PM

Here is the great thing about this season, it is not bound by traditional fall hues, and that makes things very exciting.  So feel free to ditch the traditional natural colors of fall that, while beautiful, are so very expected.  The first decision?  Which blue is right for you?  Personally, I lean more towards cobalt and royal, which I love to mix with basic black and white.  I love the twist of the brighter blues that are a bit more exciting and edgy than traditional navy but are still just a versatile. More of a traditionalist?  Then navy is an amazing and dignified classic that pairs just as beautifully with black and brown as it does with denim.  That is what I love about these fall blues.  They go with anything and everything!  Dress them up, play them down

The easiest and most affordable way to add this essential hue to your existing wardrobe and to be on trend without being trendy is to add these ideas through accessories.  No need to walk around looking like the big blue berry Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  I like starting small and going from there.  My first blue that I added to my wardrobe came in the form of some pretty fabulous sunglasses…and the then obsession began!

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