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Party On Hurricane Relief T-Shirt

St. Augustine got a pretty good sucker punch on October 7.  Hurricane Matthew  tested our community, our resolve, and our overall spirit as a City.  We’ve got news for you…we win.  We are open for business, stronger, kinder, and better than ever.  The level of work, dedication, and generosity is unimaginable and I have never been so proud to call St. Augustine home.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of people in need.  We’ve created this t shirt to help keep our spirits up and our sense of humor strong.  And to keep the party going on!!!  100% of the sales of this t-shirt are being donated right back to our community to help local families whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane.  Click the link below to do your part and keep the party going on!!  Party on, St. Augustine.  We love you!!!!

Hurricane Relief T-Shirt


Keep #StAugustinestrong

As you probably know, St. Augustine was devastated on October 7 by Hurricane Matthew…the jerk.  The good news is that St. Augustine is open for business and is stronger than ever.  However, economic disaster often follows natural disaster.  We are working tirelessly for our small business community to keep that from happening. A lot of our out of town guests are asking…How can we help?  Some great minds came together and came up with the gift card idea. By purchasing a gift card from your favorite stores, you are helping generate much needed working capital and creating cash flow.  We are asking that you shop your favorite stores and restaurants via your computer and that you spend your money where your heart is. What a great way to give and get…and start your Christmas shopping early!

Gift Card

Click on the above link to shop our gift cards.


50 Shades of….Blue.

File Sep 28, 4 07 32 PMIt is undoubtedly the most often asked question from customers and friends alike.  What is THE color of the season?  The usual answer is somewhat vague and lends more to an idea or theme than an actual, specific color.  “Oh, you know.  A lot of pastels”. Or, “anything jewel toned”.  But this season has a very defined answer.  I have purchased more shades of blue this season for accessories than I have in the last 15 years combined as an accessories buyer, and it can even be broken into three specific shades: the tried and true traditional navy, bold cobalt, and vivid royal.  This season, it can be very safely stated; you NEED blue.  In fact, I never knew just how much you needed it until my latest buying trip.  I became obsessed.File Sep 28, 4 11 57 PM

Here is the great thing about this season, it is not bound by traditional fall hues, and that makes things very exciting.  So feel free to ditch the traditional natural colors of fall that, while beautiful, are so very expected.  The first decision?  Which blue is right for you?  Personally, I lean more towards cobalt and royal, which I love to mix with basic black and white.  I love the twist of the brighter blues that are a bit more exciting and edgy than traditional navy but are still just a versatile. More of a traditionalist?  Then navy is an amazing and dignified classic that pairs just as beautifully with black and brown as it does with denim.  That is what I love about these fall blues.  They go with anything and everything!  Dress them up, play them down

The easiest and most affordable way to add this essential hue to your existing wardrobe and to be on trend without being trendy is to add these ideas through accessories.  No need to walk around looking like the big blue berry Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  I like starting small and going from there.  My first blue that I added to my wardrobe came in the form of some pretty fabulous sunglasses…and the then obsession began!

Christmas Pleasures….It’s time.

Swell3Please don’t hate me, but it is time.  Yep.  Time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your fabulous friends.  Now I know it is only September, but great gifts take thought and time. And pushing it to December 24 is, well, pushing it.  So, I thought I would introduce you to the S’Well bottle….THE BEST THING EVER.  And I promise it will make all of your fabulous friends fabulously happy this holiday season!

So, why S’Well?  Let me count the ways….

The basics: Made out of double insulated stainless steal, keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours, keeps hot beverages hot for 12 hours.  And kids, I have tested these theories!  I’ve had hot coffee still hot hours later and ice cubes still floating in my water the next day.  They work. They really do.  File Sep 16, 5 16 50 PM


Now for the not so basics:  These bottles are hot, on trend, and super stylish.  They come in 3 sizes and all have valuable uses.  The smallest, at 9 ounces, is the perfect flask!  Yep. I said it.  I’m sure there are other great uses, but this is the best that comes to mind.  The next size is 17 ounces and is perfectly portable.  Best gift ever for the fashionista on the go! Now here’s my most favorite….The large bottle is 25 ounces.  AKA 750ML.  AKA….get this….AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE.  Mind blown.  What a great way to keep your whites chilled at the dinner table or your reds at cellar temp. without messy ice buckets.  I love this bottle!!!

So, there you have it.  My pick for the best gift ever.  Whether toting hot coffee, water, or chilled wine, stay stylish and stay hydrated with S’Well!


The Party Continues!



So the official 450th Celebration is over, but that hasn’t stopped our party!  T-shirts are beginning to roll in from our fabulous friends at Fretto Prints, and we are still having fun. We are really enjoying chatting with all the locals who are stopping by to pick up their shirts and hearing their 450th adventures. We hope you had as much fun last weekend as we did!

If you received a call or text that your merchandise has arrived, remember that parking at city meters is FREE after 5:00pm and is FREE all day on Sunday.  Picking up your 450th gear is a great excuse to continue the party, so hit up one of our great restaurants or bars and party on!

If you still need gear…shop this link.





Party Like It Is 1565!



Who knew? Who knew what started out as a fun tote bag to commemorate the 450th would morph into an Epic T-Shirt for an Epic Celebration. It all began with a little idea and a great artist…we just wanted something fun to capture the spirit of St. Augustine’s 450th Birthday.  And we are pretty sure this shirt nails it.  It has been a fun and wild and crazy ride, and we are so trilled to be a party of something as cool as this.

Town was full of music, celebration, fun, and friends! And we sure did party!  Happy Birthday, St. Augustine.  We are blessed to call you home.


If you are looking to purchase a t shirt, tote bag, or koozie, please stop by either location, call us at 904-824-8053, or online at

New Website!

Spanish Dutch Convoy’s website has a new look! We’re so excited! And there’s more to come, so check back here soon!